Dear User,

        As consideration from Ministry Of Interior (MOI) in improving services that are provided to public, The General Department Of Information System had worked on developing Online Services in order to help users to access confidentially to their personal data in quick and intelligent way.

The services are:
  • Passport Data for Kuwaitis
  • Election Record Data for Kuwaitis
  • Sponsorship Data
  • Residency Data with Immigration fines once the residency of Non Kuwaitis expire
  • Visa Data
  • Driving Licenses Data
  • Vehicles Licenses Data
  • Traffic Violations and their Details
  • Travel Ban Data
  • Judgments Execution Data
In addition to these services:
  • Visa Status Inquiry Service
Note: You can use the same useID and password to login,
If you have registered through our phone App previously.

For further information about how to use these services or to contact us, please visit our Contact Us page.